Dedicated to defending property owners against the power of eminent domain.

Firm Philosophy

Our firm is dedicated to protecting private property rights from government abuse. By protecting private property rights, we believe we protect our other fundamental rights as well. For without private property, where would we exercise freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly without government interference? Private property rights are the foundation upon which all other rights stand. That is why private property rights are called “the guardian of every other right”, and that is why we do what we do for a living.

If a condemnation is illegal or unconstitutional, we fight. If not, we work with the owner from the beginning to the end to ensure a just process and perfect just compensation. But we understand that our clients may have something other than monetary compensation in mind. If our client wants to reduce the take to allow them to continue living in their home of 40 years, then that is what we work to achieve. If our client wants to preserve the development potential of their property, then that is what we work to achieve. Our goal is to make our clients feel whole at the end of the condemnation process.

Eminent domain litigation is a complex area of the law, with special rules and procedures that do not apply in other practice areas. Over the past decade plus, the attorneys of The Eminent Domain Litigation Group have handled dozens of eminent domain cases and tried many, from one corner of Virginia to the other. We have the passion, resources, and experience to take on any case and prevail. If you are a Virginia property owner being threatened with the power of eminent domain, or if the government has injured your property without paying compensation, please contact us to discuss your case free of charge.