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We do one thing – Eminent Domain.

You probably never imagined you’d receive a letter in the mail saying your land, your property, your business is being impacted by eminent domain.

Is this junk mail?
Or is this really legal?
What even is eminent domain exactly?
(You can find the answers to these questions and more here.)

After the initial shock, you might wonder what this process will be like and how it will affect your life both short and long term. (We created a visual of what the eminent domain process looks like here). That is where we come in.

We represent Virginia private property owners at every stage of eminent domain litigation, from precondemnation planning (when you receive your letter in the mail) through trial and appeal before state and federal appellate courts. Our firm was created to protect private property rights from government abuse. By protecting property rights -your property rights- we believe we protect our other fundamental rights as well. Our goal is to be the best eminent domain lawyers in the state of Virginia. By focusing our practice in one specialized area of law, we’re able to be on the cutting edge of eminent domain law and build relationships with the experts, policymakers, and public officials who affect your compensaton.


Eminent domain litigation is a complex area of the law, with special rules and procedures that do not apply in other practice areas. Over the past decade plus, the attorneys of The Eminent Domain Litigation Group have handled hundreds of eminent domain cases and trialed many, from one corner of Virginia to the other. We have the passion, resources, and experience to take on any case and prevail. If you have any questions about your rights, call or email us today for a complimentary case assessment with one of our attorneys.



Abingdon to Alexandria

We take on cases anywhere in the State of Virginia.

How a lawyer can help:

Part or all of your property is being taken by eminent domain. What will you do? Who will you have on your side? How can an attorney help bring some professional guidance and peace of mind during this trying time?

  • Let’s even the playing field. The other side, whether the government or a utility company, will have a team of experienced eminent domain lawyers on their side looking out for their best interest. Having a lawyer on your side can help make it a fair fight.
  • This is where connections count. An eminent domain attorney will know and have a working rapport with the most sought after experts and appraisers in the state to get the most compensation for your property.
  • Expertise can make all the difference.  Experienced eminent domain attorneys will be able to navigate this complex area of law and guide you through the process, answering the questions that come up along the way such as: How much just compensation is fair and how do I prove that? What even is just compensation? (Find the answers here.) Simply put, an experienced eminent domain attorney will have been in this territory before and will help you understand your rights.
  • More money and less land. The results matter and the results of your case matter. The truth is unrepresented property owners usually get much less monetary compensation than those with representation and may end up giving up more land than necessary. Find out more about our results here.

This is your life, and whether it’s your home, business, or investment property, it’s a major asset you’ve worked hard for. Let us work hard to protect you. You can get in touch with us here.

Why Have Us As Part of Your Team:

  • We specialize exclusively in Eminent Domain Law.  We are recognized leaders in eminent domain.
  • We take on cases statewide– from Abingdon to Alexandria- and have trialed cases in all regions. Wherever you are, we’ve been there before.
  • We make the law. We have extensive appeals court experience, and won’t hand you off to another attorney when it’s time to seek or defend an appeal.
  • When you hire us, you get us. We’re a small, two partner firm. You talk to us every time. You won’t be passed off to staff or a junior attorney. You can find out more about us in our attorney bios here.
  • We only get paid if we make you more money. Our fee is a contingency fee based on how much money we make for you ABOVE what you’ve been offered. If we don’t make you more than the offer, we don’t get paid. You pay us for results, not busy work.


Latest Trial Result

Washington County, VA
Unimproved Land- Powerline Easement

Power Comany Offer: $11,300
Trial Award: $731,097