Dedicated to defending property owners against the power of eminent domain.


Washington County Service Authority decided to run a 24” water line through the middle of my 400 acres that backs up to the Holston River. Another cattleman, Harold Hart, told me I had to get Hank Howell to represent my wife Karol and I. I am sure glad I did. Hank loved our land and he fought hard for it. In the end we got three road crossings over the pipeline and just compensation. Karol and I thank Harold and Hank.
~ Bob Gray

My condemnation case had been around nine years when Hank came on the case. No one seemed to appreciate the fact the little strip of land that VDOT took from my family’s motel business, for $13,000.00, did a whole lot of damage to our motel because they took down our specially designed hill that had screened our rooms from Interstate 81. No one wanted to stay in 25% of our rooms because the noise got to the rooms after VDOT tore down our hill. Hank moved in with us to get the just compensation trial done right. When we went to trial we were ready. The Condemnation Jury awarded us $842,000.00. Justice was done thanks to Hank.
~ Willie Price

I don’t know what we would have done if Hank hadn’t come 500 miles to help us. My honey and I didn’t want to sell our home for the big new high school that a lot of folks said we didn’t need. They wanted the home we built by hand, me a kindergarten aide and Kay a mechanic and coal truck driver. I carried water from the well as we raised our three girls in a basement while we built the home. Hank went to Washington to try and stop the Army Corp of Engineers from spending money on something we didn’t need and try to save our home. After he went to Washington and Richmond for us, we saved our home and ten acres. We did lose 48 acres to condemnation. Hank helped us settle the compensation for the 48 acres. We appreciate Hank out here in Dickenson County.
~ Gladys

ETNG and Duke Power had beaten me down pretty good by the time Hank got my case. The gas company had taken my land for $13,000 to run its 24” gas pipeline for over a mile through the middle of my cattle farm on Interstates 81 and 77. I had a heart attack over it. That company didn’t know the county had my land all set up for a big distribution center that would have meant good money for everyone. ETNG killed that. Hank fought for us for five days in federal court. The jury awarded us $1,875,000 as just compensation. Like I told the TV reporter, “Some days you go out and find a dead calf. The next day you can go out and find twin calves.” That day in 2006, I found twins.
~ Harold Hart

When Hank I and worked together to defeat James City County’s Condemnation Board, it was one of my proudest days. Although the county got it right the second time around, we made them pay just compensation for its illegal condemnation. It was amazing to see Hank in the courtroom, he always came prepared and ready to fight.
~ Travis Armistead