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Our HOA common property was condemned by VDOT to construct a stormwater pond associated with a road widening. They justified their initial offer of $95,000 by stating that our common property was non-economic and could not be developed. After negotiating directly with the VDOT attorney for over a year, our HOA retained Hank and Ben. We received a second, lower, appraisal from VDOT — only half of their initial offer! Hank and Ben invested many hours and several in-person visits to prepare for trial. They worked closely with our expert witnesses and knew how to challenge the rationale VDOT used in their appraisal. They fully explained every aspect and decision in their preparation of our case. We won this case on the facts. The jury reached a unanimous decision to award us over $450,000 plus interest from the date of taking — 10 times the VDOT offer. We hope never to go through a taking again but if it happens, we’d call Hank and Ben without hestitation.



The Second holly knoll hoa

great falls, VA


Dear Mr. Howell and Mr. Perdue,

I am writing to you to tell you how much I have appreciated your services in the last 6 years. You really have done an excellent job to make sure I was treated fairly by Atlantic Coast Pipeline. You always kept me informed as to what was happening. I couldn’t have dealt with ACP without you.

Thank you for you time and effort thus far. You have represented me in an excellent manner. I look forward to hearing from you on further developments.



Hazel P.

Augusta County, VA


When first we knew of the ACP pipeline path bi-secting our property, our reaction was a progression from surprise, to outrage, to helplessness. Seeking the services of the eminent domain litigation group gave us acceptance, and the power that comes from having personable, seasoned, successful, savvy advocates in our court. It was the best decision we could possibly have made . They knew what fair and just compensation should be and they got it. Something we could never have managed on our own. Thank you Ben and Hank.



Robert T.

Nelson County, VA