Our Results


We work to achieve maximum compensation for you. But we understand that you may have something other than monetary compensation in mind. If you want to reduce the take to continue living in your home of 40 years, then that is what we work to achieve. If you want to preserve the development potential of your property, then that is what we work to achieve. Our goal is to get you the best outcome possible.


While each case is different and we cannot guarantee any future outcomes, we can show you a few of our past results and what we’ve been able to achieve for our clients. You can also read a more detailed description of our cases here.

Stafford County, VA

Manufacturing Plant -Taking of Parking

VDOT Offer: $1,011,300

Trial Award: $8,007,564

Wythe County, VA

Unimproved land – gas pipeline easement

Pipeline Company Offer: $13,000

Trial Award:  $2,228,775

Norfolk, VA

Rental Property-taking for redevelopment

Redevelopment and Housing Authority Offer: $278,000

Result: Defeated Take, Recovered $433,507 in Damages, Lost Rent, and Litigation Expenses

Suffolk, VA

Truck Stop- Partial Taking For Road widening

City Offer: $691,510

Settlement: $1,712,500

Washington County, VA

Unimproved Land-Powerline Easement

Power Company Offer: $11,300

Trial Award: $731,097

Prince William County, VA

Land with two billboards- partial take for road widening

VDOT Offer: $368,567

Settlement: $1,200,000 and relocated one billboard

Prince William County, VA

Car wash -Taking of Finishing area

County Offer: $127,100

Settlement: $1,275,000 + Design Changes

Blacksburg, VA

dry cleaners- inverse condemnation for loss of access

Town Offer: $0

Settlement: $900,000 to purchase property

Augusta County, VA

unimproved land- Gas pipeline Easement

Pipeline Company Offer: $47,288

Settlement: $1,526,183

Montgomery County, VA

Motel – Partial taking for road widening

VDOT Offer: $13,000

Trial Award: $842,000

Madison County, VA

bed & Breakfast- Guardrail installation

VDOT Offer: $200

Trial Award: $135,874

Washington County, VA

unimproved land- waterline easement

Service Authority Offer: $99,853

Settlement: $600,000 and three waterline crossovers for road

Hampton, VA

three Residences- inverse condemnation for noxious pump station

HRSD/City Offer: $0

Settlement: $975,000 to purchase properties

Prince William County, VA

Used Car Dealership- total take for road widening

VDOT Offer: $1,000,045

Settlement: $1,350,000

Dickenson County, VA

Residence- partial take for school

School Board Offer: $397,000

Settlement: $750,000 and reduced take by 10 acres

Fairfax County, VA

homeowners association open space- partial taking for stormwater basin

VDOT Offer: $94,600

Trial Award: $479,891

Nelson County, VA

unimproved land- gas pipeline Easement

Pipeline Company Offer: $32,288

Settlement: $225,000