The Eminent
Domain Process


We’re here for you through the entire eminent domain process. We will help you with pre-condemnation planning and work to build the strongest case possible to maximize your compensation. The timeline for a typical eminent domain case is below.

Phase One

The Design Phase

When changes to the design are negotiated to minimize impact to the property 


Step one

Project Announcement

Step Two

Public Comment
& Review

Usually includes a local public hearing showing the project plans, a chance to talk to the project engineers, and suggest design changes

Step three

Project Design Approval

Phase Two

The Valuation Phase

When the valuation of the property is negotiated  and trialed if no settlement is reached

Step one

Appraisal and offer by Government

Review appraisal to see what value has been missed

Step two

Certificate of take, transferring title to property

Allows government to begin constructing the project on your property

Step three

Petition for condemnation, starting suit

Step four

Pre-trial Work

Building case proving the value of your property

Step Five